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Electronics Repair Technicians downloads for Electronics Repair Technicians Electronics Repair downloads

Consumer Electronics Repair Technicians
Software Downloads

PLEASE NOTE: We can no longer answer personal emails regarding repair information.  Please subscribe to the free email list in the menu below & you can post your tough repair problems there.  THE INFORMATION ON THESE PAGES ARE HERE AS A COURTESY & FOR CONVENIENCE PURPOSES ONLY, & ONLY FOR ELECTRONIC REPAIR TECHS!!  If you are looking for manuals, please do not email us requesting this information.  All the information we have can be found on our Technician pages, and they will be updated frequently with many more searches, links, etc.  If you would like be notified of any updates, simply add your email address to the form below.  (Note that you will also be notified if we simply just change some of the HTML code of the webpage, even though they claim this is not the case).

Select Your *OTHER* Electronics Technician Areas Below:

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  • Computer Hardware Parts manuals, datasheets, specs, and some consumer electronics products also included, PDF format - A collection of computer hardware parts manuals, datasheets, specs, etc., we've begun to archive.  Some consumer electronics products are also included.  Most documents are in PDF format.  (A work in progress).

  • ADOBE WRITER - Create your own pdf files.  Great for making pdf documents of large scanned images.  See the 'Readme' file for installation.  (Of course, Adobe Acrobat Reader is required for viewing pdf files created by Adobe Writer).  265K zipped.  THIS PROGRAM DOES NOT WORK WITH WINDOWS 2000 AND MAY NOT WORK WITH WINDOWS SE!!!  It DOES work with Windows 95 & 98.  There should be some freeware versions on the net for XP & Win2k.

  • "CHECK IT"-Simular to Norton below, but will check some things more extensively. In DOS at the A: prompt, type checkit.exe to run. 514k, zipped.

  • CAPACITOR CONVERSIONS - A simple quick one-click method for converting uF, pF, nF capacitor values to AND from each other.  (Works fine on XP SP2, so probably earlier Windows as well).  1.53mb, .exe format.

  • CTC-175 CTC175, CTC-176 CTC176, and CTC-177 CTC177 TV CHASSIS TRAINING MANUAL - Training manual for RCA, GE, etc., CTC-175, CTC-176, and CTC-177 TV chassis.  6.12mb PDF.  (Thanks to David K.).

  • CTC175 CTC-175, CTC187 CTC-187 CHASSIS TUNER TROUBLESHOOTING - CTC175, CTC187 RCA, GE, etc. tuner troubleshooting guide.  .doc format (Wordpad), 11k.

  • DOWNLOAD THE LAST ECG SEMICONDUCTOR CROSS REFERENCE DATABASE - Version 2.2 for windows 3.1, 95, 98 (don't know if it will work on Win2k or XP).  2.34mb, zipped.  (Note that ECG is no longer around, they were aquired by NTE.  This download is only included as a courtesy since it can no longer obtained from ECG).

  • ELECTROHOME-MITSUBISHI Model Number Cross Reference Chart

  • FIND AND REPLACE By RELEVANCE - Find And Replace is a program as the name implies, that will search for any word or phrase, or block of text, etc. in any number of files, and replace that with what you choose.  You can search one single file, or entire folders.  The company disappeared long ago, so we're making it available for download.  Some text from the now gone Find And Replace information webpage: "Find and Replace can be an indispensable tool for WebMasters and other IT Professionals.  Whenever you have a situation where you have many ACSII files that contain a certain string of text that needs to be changed from one thing to another the Find and Replace utility can save hours, and sometimes, even days of by-hand work.  Instead of editing each file one by one, use Find and Replace to do the editing for you.  Simply enter the word or phrase you want to find and the word or phrase that you want to replace it with.  Press the button and sit back while Find and Replace updates all the selected files with your new text string.  In a matter of a few seconds all those files will be updated!"  Obviously there is no support on this, so it's something you may have to figure out and experiment with yourself.  BE SURE you always make a backup of what you're changing until you get the hang of it.  A copy of the original webpage is also included in the zipped file, 943k.  (The webpage is in .mht format and must be viewed in IE).

  • IRFAN VIEW-A fast and powerful image viewer and multimedia player that just so happens to be free. Great for reducing scans of schematics or other documents in both physical size; AND in file size by saving / converting to jpg or gif.  More info. (Scroll to bottom of the page for the IrfanView download).  BE SURE and get the plugins too for dozens more supported file types.

  • INTEGRATED CIRCUIT CROSS REFERENCE - Similar to transistor cross found below.  More info.

  • JVC ELECTRONICS REPAIR TIPS-Executable is 'jvciq'.  900k, zipped.

  • NORTON DIAGNOSTICS-A few small programs run from DOS. After unzipping contents, place on a floppy. Floppy is NOT bootable.  At the A:\ prompt, a 'dir' can be done to see the executables available.  Ndiags.exe is the main start program for testing components, however there are several more that will be on the floppy.  1mb, zipped.

  • DOWNLOAD THE LATEST NTE SEMICONDUCTOR AND COMPONENT CROSS REFERENCE DATABASE SOFTWARE - For all versions of Windows.  New potentiometer-trimmer cross reference, Amphenol RF selector guide, over 112,000 new semiconductor cross reference replacements, over 26,084 new relay cross references, new active links to NTE web site for data sheets, plus much more.  (Information will change with newer versions.  Note that NTE has acquired ECG.  NTE no longer offers a direct download for their newer cross reference, you instead have to fill out their form above.  But we still offer an old NTE cross reference download here in the event the NTE page should change or if they should stop giving it out.  Of course the program we offer for download is out of date for any new additions, but could still be useful to have).

  • PIONEER REPAIR TIPS - Executable is 'tips.exe'.  Program will ask about fox user database, select either yes or no, and click 'ignore' the next 2 times.  1mb, zipped.

  • PRINTKEY 2000 - A small program that when you execute it, an icon appears in the system tray.  Hitting the 'print screen' button on your keyboard opens a screen where you can then save a screen shot in various formats, control color, contrast, brightness, size, and other attributes.  Properties can be changed for the program by right clicking the icon in the system tray and selecting 'Properties'.  (It however doesn't allow you to monitor your ink cartridges).  400k, zipped.

  • RESISTOR COLOR CODE PROGRAM - A Resistor Color Code Program, simple to use, fast program that determines resistor color codes.  1.1mb, zipped.

  • SiSoft Sandra-SANDRA (System Analyzer Diagnostic and Reporting Assistant) is a set of system diagnostic and benchmarking tools designed to help you keep your computer running at peak performance. More info.

  • SK Semiconductor Cross Reference Search program download.  SK Replacement Semiconductor Guide and cross references.  v2.0.69, 3.45mb .exe, for Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP/2003.

  • SONY REPAIR TIPS-This can be a pretty tricky program to use.  If help is needed, try posting the problem to your respective electronics repair forum, many techs use it.  The executable is 'fpris'.  3.8mb, zipped.

  • Toshiba tips soon!

  • TRANSISTOR CROSS REFERENCE-Input a transistor number to see any crosses that may be available. Includes, EGC, NTE, SK and generic crosses.  More info.

  • TV REPAIR TIPS-After unzipping download, place both files on a floppy (for a backup copy), then click the "install" icon.  1.1mb, zipped

  • TV VISUAL-VIDEO SYMPTOMS TROUBLESHOOTING TERMS - Several photos of some typical television video symptoms w/text.  PDF format, 918k.

  • VCR REPAIR TIPS - After unzipping download, place both files on a floppy (for a backup copy), then click the "install" icon.  800k, zipped

  • ZENITH REPAIR TIPS - Latest version 4.6, 1.2mb, executable.  (Thanks to Bill).

  • ZENITH MODULES TO SAM'S NUMBERS - A few of the Zenith module numbers crossed to the SAM's number.

Please remember we only offer these downloads as a service to help other repair technicians.  We do not offer support on them!!  We recommend you contact the manufacturer or programmer of the software with any questions you may have, or ask other electronics repair techs about them (most techs use these programs).

More Downloads Added Soon!  If you have a download you think may benefit other repair tech's, please let us know and we will be glad to put it here.

Epublic Eye 24 Hour Consumer Monitoring-Safe Shopping Website Please see our order information page if more ordering information is required.  Always feel free to email us us if you need more information on any of the products listed at this website.  Remember, we don't "gouge" for shipping and profit from it the way most online vendors do!!  Products are shipped from Louisiana, USA.

Please report any bad links or site problems here.

Thank you, we appreciate your business!!

Electronics Repair Technicians downloads for Electronics Repair Technicians Electronics Repair downloads