Linking Terms

The text contained in this page has been revised.  First off, this page has been blocked from all bots.  Recently we removed every instance of "e*xcha*nge" (spelled out properly of course) from our pages.  In the event the Gbot will somehow still see this page, that word (and a few other related) will not be spelled out.  I don't know how many of your are aware of what's been going on with the Google(G) atrocities with PR, but they have lowered the PR of most websites, and the various webmaster forums across the planet have been a buzz about this.  They are devaluing ALL IBL's (inbound links) that websites have that are not directly related to the site, therefore a site's PR will drop.  This is insane because who will link to a COMPETITOR??  PR was a mistake from day one, and most that had any sense KNEW that it would be the start of internet pollution in the form of useless link farms and directories, link e*xcha*nge scams, etc.; but most of us were FORCED to engage in them because if our webpages don't have enough of their goddamn PR, that means our pages will end up in their never-seen satan-spawned supplemental index where they are penalized for not having enough PR just because not enough site owners have the need to link to them!

Now, the most recent information is pointing to G starting to devalue ALL IBL's, even if related if the words "e*xcha*nge" or "rec*ipro*cal" appears anywhere on your site!!  So we have removed those words from our pages, and it's HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that YOU DO THE SAME IMMEDIATELY!!  Pages that you have, that have a list of OBL's (outbound links) should NOT have ANYWHERE ON THE PAGES these words!  Your pages MUST APPEAR TOTALLY NATURAL and ORGANIC, or you WILL BE PENALIZED FOR IT, and probably those you LINK TO AS WELL!  So you will not only be harming yourself, but OTHERS if you do not immediately make these changes!!  We WILL NOT link to a page that has the phrases "link ex*chan*ge", "rec*ipro*cal links" or ANYTHING SIMILAR on them!!  Please make these changes site-wide for the good of all of us!

It has become all too clear that many of those requesting link ex*chan*ge are involved in some type of "link scamming".  We add their link(s) to our webpages, and we are met with nothing in return and ignorance of our emails.  Then, they have the audacity to continue to email us requesting link exc*hang*es for OTHER websites.  Due to this unfortunate fact, we have been forced to do the following: Under no circumstances will we add a single link to the links pages at any of our websites until OURS have first been added to the websites requesting the ex*cha*nge.  If those of you requesting ex*chan*ges cannot agree to this, then there is no need to read further.  If however this is acceptable, (and there's no reason it shouldn't be if your intentions are honorable as OURS ARE), then please and continue to read below, then email us, and we will gladly send you our link HTML codes for our websites, to place on your webpage(s).  After receiving your email containing the URL's where our links can be seen and the HTML tags for your link(s), we will then GLADLY add your link(s) to our links pages.

Update: We will no longer respond to emails sent from Gmail accounts (see below), nor emails where our email address does not appear in the "To:" field!  We have come to realize that those who "mass send" link ex*cha*nge emails, or have some unknown address in the visible "To:" field, are the persons usually involved in some type of link scamming.

Sorry, but the scam problem has become so severe we MUST do something about it.  Thank you for your understanding. :-)  Also BE SURE to please read the "PLEASE NOTE" area below.

The Terms Are simple.....  Basically, free!   All we ask is that you LINK BACK TO US, there is no charge.  This one of the most effective ways of increasing the traffic at BOTH of our websites.  Search engines give higher rankings to sites that link to other websites.  If you would like us to add your logo with your link, we will do so if you use ours with our link in return.  Note that our link status with you WILL BE CHECKED PERIODICALLY to ensure it remains at your website!  If our link at your website is removed, so will your link be removed!

If you would still like us to add your link, but for any reason cannot link back to us.... we can do so for $25 per month, or $250 per year.  Click here if this is an option you would be interested in and let us know.  Also with this method we would also add your logo or banner if desired at no charge.

Exceptions.... We will add any link to our page EXCEPT FOR THE FOLLOWING:  Websites promoting racism, violence, illegal activities, adult only oriented content, or websites directly related to our line of work.  (Please understand it's rather counter-productive for the both of us if your site is involved in the sales of computers, computer hardware or accessories). ;-)

If you would like to link to us, PLEASE BE SURE you use the appropriate and very descriptive link text found here and
please contact us to let us know, thank you.

PLEASE NOTE that if we don't reply to your email, it's due to our UCE filters.  We have been FORCED to block (B)Billions of IP addresses, and different ISP's known for their spamming or condoning of spamming.  The bulk of these are out of the USA such as APNIC (Asia), LACNIC (Central & S. America & Caribbean), and RIPE (Europe).  However, some of the blocks are also on USA-based IP ranges and ISP's known for their support of Spam.  The bulk of these are: RoadRunner, Cogentco, Comcast, Verizon, VDI, and a few more specific IP blocks on some other IP ranges on other ISP's or domains.  We're sorry, but again we had no choice and we all have these ISP's that condone Spam to "thank" for this.  Please try and contact us Via another email address that's on a different IP, or from a web-based email address (such as Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.), EXCEPT for Gmail.  We have realized that there is some kind of a link exc*han*ge scamming going on who's participants are using Gmail.  Thanks again to the immoral & unscrupulous ones, we can no longer reply to Gmail accounts that request link exc*hang*es--and we are NOT claiming that all who use Gmail are scammers, however we have no choice other than to make this policy.  The good unfortunately must suffer for the bad.  Additionally, we are no longer replying to ANY emails from [anything], [anything], nor partners1@[].  This is also either yet another linking scam, or, they just simply can't read English very well, or, have a serious email problem to where they cannot receive any email!  (FYI, we receive almost daily emails from those domains and prefix requesting link exc*hang*es with various websites and why they "haven't received a reply" or why they don't see our their anywhere, even though their links were added months prior!  So, we had no other choice than to block these names to avoid the harassment and stress of trying to deal with them).

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