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We are your computer hardware dealers / computer hardware suppliers.
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We suggest you go ELSEWHERE if you plan to use a stolen or fraudulent credit card, stolen identity, fraudulent checking account info, or plan on engaging in ANY illegal purchasing activity of ANY kind!!!  Buyers' names, addresses, and any appropriate "numbers" are thoroughly checked for validity!  If we find you are doing any instance of any illegalities in purchasing from us, all transaction information is given to the FBI, Federal Trade Commission, U.S. Secret Service, as well as your local District Attorney's Office & Police Departments; and we do not prosecute to the fullest extent of the law......we go BEYOND IT!

To the rest of our more typical law-abiding decent potential customers; we welcome your business and be assured you can order from us with FULL confidence.

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5.  Problems contacting us
6.  Notes/FAQ's

If you have tried to email us and did not receive a reply,
please see the "Problems contacting us" area at the bottom of the page.

Ordering Process

    First, we must point out that our shopping cart and order system is JavaScript based.  This means that if for some reason you have JavaScript DISABLED, you will NOT be able to place an order!  So please, if only temporary, ENABLE JavaScript so that you may place your order.  If you happen to be using an old browser that does not support JavaScript, just email us and we'll gladly set an order link for you in only a matter of seconds, so that you may order.

  • Note that like any other shopping cart, you must accept session Cookies for the cart to work, and in order to place an order.  Depending on your browser and its settings, nothing may have to be done.  However, obviously if the cart does not become populated after "Add to Cart" is clicked, or if the cart is emptied before the checkout process is completed, you have start over and opt to accept the Cookie.  It's usually easiest to just "Refresh" or "Reload" the page after acceptance of the Cookie, but sometimes you must close the browser window(s) then go back to the webpage (you can just "copy 'n paste" the address of the webpage into your address bar.  To do that; right click the URL in the address bar so it's highlighted, then click "Copy", then after you close the window right click and "Paste" the URL into any address bar to easily get back to the page).  Of course if you have your browser set to notify you of Cookie activity, or if you receive a blocked Cookie notification from your browser, you must opt to accept the Cookie.  This is only a temporary simple cart Cookie and should be automatically deleted when your browser is closed.

  • Our "Add To Cart" (or "Buy Now") button payments are processed by PayPal, but note you DO NOT need any type of a PayPal account!  They are simply our payment processor merchant, and whomever accepts credit cards or other online payment types must have a payment processor merchant.   The checkout procedure is totally seamless, and you only give the typical information (name, address, city, state, zip, and credit card #) the way one would at any other website that accepts online orders--with one exception: Unlike some companies, ANY AND ALL OF YOUR INFORMATION IS KEEP UNDER "LOCK & KEY" (electronic and otherwise) and BEYOND confidential!   Your email address, address, name, ALL information given during the order, IS NEVER GIVEN NOR SOLD TO ANYONE by us NOR our payment processor!  There is NO ONE on the internet that is more AGAINST Spam, UCE, privacy violations, and other types of "illegal and immoral behavior" more than us!!

    We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express using our "Add To Cart" or "Buy Now" buttons.   We can also accept "E-checks"1 if you prefer to place your order with your checking account. 

    The entire payment process is carried out over a SECURE 128bit/1024bit Encrypted SSL server.  You can either right click any bare spot of the checkout page (where you begin to fill in your information) and select "Properties" in IE or "View page info" in Mozilla based browsers to see the SSL connection information, or look at the URL address in your address bar and see "https" instead of the usual "http" prefix at the beginning of the URL; or double-click the small "Padlock icon" at the lower right browser border to also see the SSL information.  In FireFox, the address bar also will become gold in color.  For those new to the internet, please see these examples of what one sees on Secure SSL pages, the "Padlock" icon at lower right, and page "Properties" or "View page info":   IE (Internet Explorer), FireFox, Netscape 7 & later (probably similar with earlier versions of Netscape). 

Shipping Information

    As of 8-10-08, we have only completed the following shipping options in our shopping cart: "Ground Commercial* Business"; "Ground Residential*"; "3-Day Express Commercial* Business"; "3-Day Express Residential*"; and USPS (Mail) Priority, all to the lower US 48 states ONLY.   (*Please see this information below for more info regarding Residential and Commercial addresses).  Please Email us for shipping charges if you are located out of the lower US 48 states, or wish a faster shipping method than Ground or 3-Day Express2.   If you would like us to ship using a faster method than 3-Day, PLEASE EMAIL US FIRST AND INFORM US OF THIS BEFORE you place your order!  Then we will inform you of the updated shipping charge and upon your approval of the revised rate immediately make the appropriate shipping charge adjustments for any of the "Add To Cart" or "Buy Now" buttons you wish to use.   Over the next several days or so, we will be adding "2nd-Day Air", and "Next Day Air" shipping options on our Shopping Cart page, as well as shipping to HI and AK.  We will also eventually be adding the least expensive International rates to: Canada, the US Territories, Australia & New Zealand, and the UK.  Until then, just email us before you order so we can get the shipping rates for you.

    If you need your GREATER THAN 10 LBS total cart weight shipped via "3 Day Select/Express" or FASTER, please email us!  We do not yet have the 3-Day shipping option available for orders over 10 lbs. due to the fact the rates above 10 lbs. for 3-Day shipping (and faster) VARY WIDELY from area to area and we could not ACCURATELY establish rates for a given weight above 10 lbs. to ALL areas.  Again, we "could" have like most other online vendors and be very unfair to those residing in cheap shipping areas/zones by charging them the expensive shipping zone rates, but, again in keeping with our fair shipping rates, we DO NOT do this!  By the same token if you feel your 3-Day rate for merchandise totaling 10 lbs. or less is too high, feel free to also email us and we will be happy to more accurately adjust for your zone.  This of course has to be done BEFORE your order is placed!  Chances are however the rates will be acceptable to all.

    Unlike many online vendors, we do not charge our customers more for "insured" packages as an option under $100!  DHL, FedEx and UPS packages ARE INSURED and that IS INCLUDED IN THE SHIPPING CHARGE up to the first $100.  Others may have you believe that insurance is "optional" and costs more, but it DOES NOT.  At the time of this writing, DHL, FedEx and UPS insure all packages under $100 for FREE.  For each $100 over the first $100, there is ROUGHLY an additional insurance charge of $1.50 for shipping values of $100-$399 and increases roughly about .50 per $100 after $400 FOR GROUND.  The insured rates increase as the selected shipping service speed DECREASES (3-Day Express insurance is more than Ground, 2nd-Day air is more than 3-Day, etc).  Insurance for USPS packages is higher and is not automatically included with their shipped packages.

    Always remember we have NO PROFIT on shipping.  Shipping charges shown are the lowest they can be without us loosing money on them.  Also unlike many online vendors, you will know the shipping amount BEFORE you place your order.  The shipping weight of your cart items along with shipping charges are clearly visible in the Shopping Cart after you select your shipping service.

    To expedite your order, your shipping and billing addresses must match.  If your shipping address does not match your billing address on the credit card (or checking account if using e-check), this can result in delays processing your order.   We also reserve the right to refuse any orders where the buyer cannot be verified, or on any orders where we may suspect "questionable activity".  Please understand we MUST do this to protect ourselves from fraudulent buyers.  If you have any questions on this specific topic, please feel free to email us on the topic and we'll be happy to address it.

    Residential Vs. Commercial shipping addresses

    Both FedEx and UPS have increased their "residential surcharge" fees quite a bit.  It can range from $1 to $3.50.  Instead of penalizing commercial shipping addresses like other sites do by "blanketing" shipping charges under one category of "residential", (therefore causing commercial addresses to be charged the residential rate), in our drop-down shipping options menu on our Shopping Cart page WE GIVE THE OPTIONS to CHOOSE either a residential or commercial/business shipping address!  Instead of complicating our shipping calculation algorithms, we chose a "customer friendly" amount to the majority of our residential customers which can range from $1 to about $2 (for GROUND), INSTEAD OF choosing the $3.50 residential surcharge rate for EVERYONE!  So chances are it is US coming out on the loosing end instead of you!  For carrier services faster than Ground, the carrier charge can be as high as $5 more for residential areas, but good news for you again, WE do not raise the residential rates by that much over the commercial rates!

    WHY do we do all this and explain these things? Because simply....WE CARE.  We too are consumers as you and order online from time to time, and despise rip-off shipping charges!  We are HONEST in what we do and believe in keeping you, the customer, as fully informed as possible.

    Computer Cases, Double-boxing Vs. As-is Box

    If you order a separate PSU with your case, the # symbol you see before the name of chosen PSU in the cart is its additional weight in ounces.

    Unlike others, we give our customers the OPTION of whether or not they would like the computer case shipped as-is (only in its original box), or DOUBLE-boxed.  We DO NOT charge any extra for this for any labor, materials, etc., the additional charge is ONLY for the increased shipping weight the shipping box adds, PLUS, and more so, the shipping box will put the "Dimensional weight" into the next level.  All carriers/shippers do this.  For example, if you have a package that weighs LESS than 30 lbs., yet its dimensions put it put it into the "Dimensional weight +1" category, (H + W + L added together equals X inches or higher), this means that the shipping charge will be that of 30 lbs regardless of how much LESS it may weigh.  If the total weight is over 30 lbs, Dimensional weight does not apply (until the next higher level which is MUCH larger).

    Therefore if you order for example, a case that may weigh far less than 30 lbs and if you want it double-boxed, it may still weigh less than 30 lbs but it would be considered 30 lbs due to its Dimensional weight.

    It is up to you, the customer, if you want a case shipped as-is or double-boxed.  Cases are usually, if not always, shipped as-is from the supplier to vendor and there is a considerable amount of them that will be DIT (damaged in transit), we can attest to this.  We will not be held personally responsible for any damages in these shipped as-is instances to you, however WE WILL do what is required with the shipping carrier to expedite a damage claim and get you another case, or refund from the carrier.  We just must point out, that it's not our fault. ;-)  Although we have yet to see any claim that has not been honored with cases shipped as-is that are DIT, technically, the carriers actually do not have to honor these types claims because the cases' original boxes do not follow the minimum shipping requirements set by shippers (which is usually named as 2" of padding on all 6 sides).  Therefore this is something of which you must be made aware.  Again, we haven't experience this, but it could possibly happen.  (For the record, and contrary to what some other "immoral" online places claim, all shippers automatically insure packages FREE up to $100 content value.  If a package's value is over $100, then there are additional fees set per X amount of dollars over $100).

    To avoid the headaches, frustrations, and delays of possible damage claims to BOTH of us, we recommend you opt for the double-boxed option, but again, this is up to you.

    In the event you are ordering a separate PSU with your case (if the case does not originally come with one), and you want the case shipped as-is, we can place the boxed PSU inside the computer case, IF IT WILL FIT.  However, we highly recommend against this because the PSU will add at least another 3 lbs. and up to over 8 lbs. to the weight of the package, which will of course make the box heavier, more accurately, even more dense, creating a greater potential of damage to the case when it is dropped due to the Styrofoam "cradles" around the edges of case not being able to withstand the added G's involved during a drop.  These Styrofoam cradles are usually cracked in transit just from the case's weight alone.

Other Payment Methods

    If you prefer to use another payment method, we also accept credit cards and e-checks using Ecount below.  If Ecount is chosen, PLEASE place the item(s) ordered and your shipping addresses in the "MEMO" area you will see on the Ecount page!  The Ecount process is also of course secure in the same manner as our regular order process.  Note that Ecount is NOT accepting NEW users at this time.

    We will also accept money orders or conventional checks.  Orders paid for by money orders are shipped immediately upon their arrival, or the next day if late in the day.  Of course there is the usual delay with checks, about 2-3 days.  If you choose this method, please email us for our mailing address3.   We cannot currently accept orders over the phone anyway due to current payment processing limitations whom only allow customers for businesses to order online.


    For those customers that may already have an account with "Ecount", please use the Ecount link below and you will be directed to their processing page.   After taking a few seconds to input your information (again, via secure server as you would do at any site for a purchase) we will be notified minutes later of your payment at our specific Ecount email address below.  Please note that YOU MUST USE OUR ECOUNT EMAIL ADDRESS BELOW FOR ECOUNT PAYMENTS.

Ecount is NOT accepting NEW users at this time!

Use your VISA, Mastercard or Discover (and we believe checks/e-checks as well)

Existing Ecount users

Please use this email address for Ecount payments.

International Orders (Soon)

Problems contacting us

    PLEASE NOTE that if we don't reply to your email, it's due to our UCE/Spam filters.  We have been FORCED to block (B)Billions of IP addresses, and different ISP's known for their spamming or condoning of spamming and scams.  The bulk of these are out of the USA such as APNIC (Asia), LACNIC (Central & S. America & Caribbean), RIPE (Europe), Bell Canada, and ALL of Shawcable in Canada.  However, some of the blocks are also on USA-based IP ranges and ISP's known for their support of Spam.  The bulk of these are: RoadRunner, Cogentco, Comcast, Verizon, VDI, and a few more specific IP blocks on some other IP ranges on other ISP's or domains.  We're sorry, but again we had no choice and we all have these ISP's that condone Spam to "thank" for this.  Please try and contact us Via another email address that's on a different IP, or from a web-based email address (such as Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.).  Thanks again to the immoral & unscrupulous ones, and the ISP's that condone them, we all have to pay the price.


  • 1 - Echecks can be used if you already have a PayPal account, or if you choose to use Ecount.  (A PayPal account is required to use E-checks, where as one is NOT required to pay using a credit card).
  • 2 - DHL is currently the cheapest carrier.  This is why we use them.  US mail (USPS) will be higher for most items, but sometimes less for smaller cheaper items since USPS insurance may not be required.
  • 3 - We were forced to remove our address (and telephone #) from our webpages thanks to unrelenting harassment from junk-mailing parasites and telemarketing "cyber-terrorists".   Both our mailing address and telephone number is given to each customer on our order confirmation page, and of course our address and phone is given to any customer without a credit card that wishes to send check or money order.

We thank you for your continued support, and if you're new here, we welcome you, and we look forward to doing business again with you in the near future!


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