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Technician's Page

Custom Built Computers by OrpheusComputing; custom computer builders, custom built computer manufacturers
We are your custom computer dealers / custom computer suppliers.
Customized computers to your specifications, computer upgrades,
home audio, car audio, electronics technicians pages.
Baton Rouge, LA Est. 1979

Information on our Custom Built Computers
from Orpheus Computing

Complete Computer Systems Custom Built...
to your specifications.  From older Pentium/AMD 66-100mhz type systems on up to high-end customized computer systems.

The Motherboards...
used in our custom built computer systems are NOT the cheap 'all-in-one' integrated type with built in video, modem, etc., and with no extra slots, but separate components of highest quality, and extra slots for easy upgradeability or additions as you desire.

Cases Used...
in our custom computers are also of an upgradeable design, meaning; if desired one can put any other standard motherboard in the case if ever desired (as long as form factor is the same of course).  Most have detachable side panels for very easy access, and customers can chose from the smaller type with minimal 5.25" & 3.5" bays, on up to tower designs with many bays, and anything in between.  Black cases, white, various colors, even clear.  Athlon and P4 systems of course are built with AMD Athlon™ approved or P4 approved power supplies.

All Custom Computer Systems...
are VERY CAREFULLY and METICULOUSLY BUILT!!  They are tested and benchmarked in DOS first for CPU and memory stability before any *OS is even placed on the hard drive.   When those tests are passed to perfection, your OS of choice* is then installed, and VERY extensive tests, benchmarks, and burn-ins are then run in Windows for a MINIMUM of 3 days, along with general computer use.   Customers are kept informed of ALL tests along the way and are sent updates and test/benchmark results BEFORE the computer is shipped if desired.   (Due to potential corruption to the data on the hard drives during shipment, we recommend that we REFORMAT the drive back to a C: prompt for optimal stability, however, this is not required.   This is the choice of the customer.   Although in our experience, we have noticed that the majority of the time, a hard drive shipped with an intact OS is usually fine at the time of delivery.   HOWEVER, we CANNOT be held responsible for any OS errors after shipment if you choose for the OS to remain on the hard drive because then CAN occur!   A detailed instructional CD is included in which step by step directions are found noting any difficulties that may have been experienced during the installation of any stubborn drivers for example, so YOU will not have the difficulty in the event of a reformat due to corruption, or the computer being shipped with the OS not installed if you choose that option).

All Components...
in your customized computers have AT LEAST a 1 year warranty.   In many instances, certain peripheral devices or cards (for example, some video cards depending on brands/models chosen) will have 2-5 year warranties, and hard drives (if retail kit versions are chosen) will have 3-5 year warranties depending on brand.   If OEM CPU's are chosen, these have 1 year warranties and retail boxed versions are 3 year warranties.   These are just some examples.

We Can Also Build...
your computer with any specific components of your choosing for those that are familiar with computer hardware.

A minimum of $55 deposit is required after your order is made (depending on upon total computer price), and is NON refundable if you cancel the order!!   (Please understand we have to have something for our time).   Of course, this deposit is subtracted from your total amount due.  Payment is required in advance for any hardware that we do not have in stock that must be ordered, in addition to the deposit.   Non-stocked hardware usually takes us about 3-4 days to receive; of which this time is not wasted.  During this time your computer is assembled as much as possible, and tested where applicable using existing parts until any ordered items arrive after which testing is completed.

Please Email us your request or for more information.

*OS = Operating system. At this time, we are custom building Windows 95 and later desktop computers up to the most current Windows OS.

Epublic Eye 24 Hour Consumer Monitoring-Safe Shopping Website Please see our order information page if more ordering information is required.  Always feel free to email us us if you need more information on any of the products listed at this website.  Remember, we don't "gouge" for shipping and profit from it the way most online vendors do!!  Products are shipped from Louisiana, USA.

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Thank you, we appreciate your business!!