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Orpheus Computing & Audio; Discount AMD Processor and CPU Upgrades, Supplier, Seller & Dealer
We are your computer hardware dealers / computer hardware suppliers.
Custom built computers also available, consumer electronics sales,
home audio, car audio, electronics technicians webpages.
Baton Rouge, LA  Est. 1979

AMD processor CPU sales dealers suppliers

AMD CPU's Processors, K7 Slot A, Athlon Duron, Thunderbird, MP, XP, Socket 462, K6 K6-2 K6-3 Socket 7

AMD Computer Processor Upgrades - AMD CPU Upgrades

AMD Opteron 64 Socket 940, AMD Sempron Socket 754
AMD vintage Socket 7, K6/K6-2/K6-3 Processors
AMD K7 Classic Slot A Athlon/Thunderbird
AMD Socket A Socket 462 Duron, Athlon, Thunderbird, MP, XP, Barton, Sempron

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* Others only give you a 30-day warranty on OEM CPU's, we give you a 90-day warranty

 AMD Opteron 64 Processors/CPU's

AMD Opteron 64 Socket 940 Processors

    AMD Socket 940 Opteron 64 CPU's AMD K8 OPTERON 848 OSA848CEP5AV (OSA848AVWOF) SOCKET 940 64bit CPU PROCESSOR - Opteron 848 #OSA848CEP5AV (Aka OSA848AVWOF); Socket 940; 2.2ghz core speed; 1mb exclusive 16-way associative L2 cache; 1.5v; 128-bit wide integrated dual-channel DDR memory controller; 800mhz bus; HyperTransport up to 2000 MT/s; Runs 64bit or 32bit operating systems simultaneously; 8-way Scalability; CAAGC stepping code.  A top performing CPU in Servers or Workstations (and Desktop PC's of course).  Opteron datasheet, OSA848CEP5AV Opteron specs, Opteron 848 image, (image is not of this particular CPU).  New, OEM, 90 day warranty* - Only $99.95!  (Sells for $560 elsewhere!!)  If you require two of these, just let us know!

    Quantity -

 AMD Sempron Processors/CPU's

AMD Sempron Socket 754 Processors

 AMD Duron Processors/CPU's

AMD Duron Socket A Socket 462 Processors

  • AMD DURON 1600 SOCKET A / SOCKET 462 CPU - AMD Duron #DHD1600DLV1C; 1600mhz 1.6ghz; Socket A / Socket 462 PGA; dual-ported 128k split L1 cache, 64k L2 cache; 1.5v; 266mhz bus; Code MCXJB; MMX, SSE and 3DNow! instructions.  These are called "Applebred" by AMD, however they have the Thoroughbred core which has 256k cache, and this could be opened up by performing the "L2 bridge mod".  AMD Duron image, Duron datasheet and specs (zipped).  New, OEM, 90 day warranty* - Only $39.95! OUT!   (Sells for $55 elsewhere)
    Quantity -

 AMD Athlon Slot A K7 Processors/CPU's

AMD Athlon K7 Processors-CPU's Slot A, Socket A

 AMD K6, K6-2 & K6-3 Socket 7 Processors/CPU's

 AMD K6-3 / K6-III Processors/CPU's

AMD K6-3 K6-III Socket 7 Processors-CPU's

  • K6-3 350mhz - AMD K6 III 350mhz, Socket 7, 100mhz bus, 2.2v/3.3v, 320k cache (256k full speed internal L2 cache + split 64k L1 cache), 3D NOW!.   New OEM, 90 day warranty* - Only $25.95
    With dual "Gold tower" HSF unit:

    Quantity -

AMD K6-2 Processors/CPU's

AMD K6-2 K6-II Socket 7 Processors-CPU's

 AMD K6 Processors/CPU's

AMD K6 Socket 7 Processors-CPU's

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AMD CPU sales dealers suppliers CPU's CPUs