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Online Book Sales for rare, hard to find, collector's item books & antique books
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Watch This Area For Upcoming Deals On Books Sales
Below you will find a few

We will soon be placing on this page rare books, hard to find books, and antique books mostly UNRELATED to computer hardware.  These will generally be rather old antique and collector's items books from the 1920's-1950's, a few in the 1800's, in numerous fields of interest such as: novels, medical books, science books, and many others.

A few things to keep in mind when viewing the images of the books:

  1. ALL IMAGES ARE UN-RETOUCHED as far as imperfections go.  Book pictures were either taken with an Olympus C5050 5mp digital camera, or scanned by an HP R40xi scanner.  Only brightness, contrast or gamma may have been adjusted for a more accurate representation of the book.
  2. Please BE SURE and adjust your monitor's brightness, contrast or gamma settings to adjust for any of these adjustments we made that may not be to your liking or your monitor's settings.
  3. Image sizes (file size wise) are rather large due to low jpeg compression in order to maintain an accurate representation of the original image.  Image links will all open in a new window so that any of you on a slow connection can easily open multiple browser windows at once while continuing to read or open more images while the first image is loading.
  4. Please keep in mind that if you have IE's "Automatic image resizer" on, (or another browser's similar function) the images of course will NOT be displayed their actual dimensions and will therefore degrade the appearance of the image due to resizing the image without resampling it.  You can "usually" place your mouse cursor over the lower right corner of an image, double-click and see an "icon", and that icon can be clicked to then see the actual size of an image.  Sometimes it may take several double-clicks or more, this is yet another M$ feature that doesn't work as well as it should. ;-)   (Of course if no icon appears, it means that the image IS being displayed actual size.  However on some occasions if you've been surfing for a while and your Temp Net Files folder is full, the icon WILL NOT be displayed even though the image is NOT being shown actual size and may take several "Refreshes" of the page for the icon to show...if ever).
  5. At the time of this text, no prices have been set since we honestly have no idea of their value, so we will simply accept reasonable offers.  These are books that have been collected by our family and others for many decades from our own use, and in the case of library books; from garage sales and flea markets, book warehouse closures, etc.  Their topics can range from building your own summerhouses to early children's books, up to advanced physics books, medical school textbooks, and yes, even rocket science!
  6. Note that in the event of any tape or "post-purchase binding" of the spine/spline, we left this tape intact in its original form!  This "original tape", some over 100 years old, is of course worth much more to collectors than any new tape.  One NEVER wants to modify the condition of any now old book since these old "repairs" can ADD to the value of a book!  Additionally, any hand writing, signatures, or "Property of...." stamps, etc., can also add a lot to the value of a book.

    The format in which the books' information is displayed and legend for the initials is as follows:

    The 1st image will be that of the front cover and will be the clickable main title link below.  This will not change.

    Images: (from front of book to back)

    "IFC" = Inside Front Cover, and may or may not be both left, and right sides you would see as opening the book.  The left side IFC image WILL ONLY be present IF there is text, handwriting, etc., on this area.  On occasions there may be an "IFCb", "IFCc", etc., which would mean there is something of interest on the right AND the left sides of the inside front cover (and following pages if necessary), and this may be done with 2 or more photos in order to keep the file size of the images as small as possible.

    "TP" = Title page and this image may or may not be present depending upon the layout of the book, how many "IFC" pages, etc., however an image of this area will always be shown.

    "C" = Copyright, this will be of the Copyright page.

    "P" = Preface and may not always be present.

    "TOC" = Table of Contents, some may not have this.

    "1st page" = This may not necessarily be the first page with "1" appearing on it, but it will be the first page where the books' actual contents begin.

    "IBC" = Inside Back Cover (same applies to "IFC" above).

    "BC" = Back/rear Cover.

    "S" = A book's spline or spine.

    Text: The link's text is the book's title and WILL BE VERBATIM and italicized.  Any pertinent text on the opening or closing pages of each book will be indicated.  Dimensions (as holding the book to read it) are H x W x thickness and in inches.

(As more books are placed on this page, they will be placed in some kind of order.  More books will be added soon!)

Make us an offer on these books!

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Thank you, we appreciate your business!!